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Sale of Rushden

September 14th 1920


Shaw Green Farm - Lot 3

Shaw Green Farm Cottages - Lot 3

Drapers Farm House - Lot 4


Mill End

Lot 5No 7Mill HouseOld cottage burnt down
Lot 6No 6Old Hammers17th C
Lot 7No 4 & 5Anvil CottageLate 16th C; extended 19th C
Lot 7No 3The Cottage17th C
Lot 8No 1 & 2Old Mill Cottage17th C

Church End

Lot 9No 1Old ThatchesFormerly 3, Old Thatches; late 18th C
Lot 9No 2DearmansFormerly 1, Old Thatches; late 17th C
Lot 9No 3Little ThatchesFormerly 4, Old Thatches; late 17th C
Lot 9No 4Windmill HouseEarly 16th C; hall floored and heated late 17th C; divided to form two dwellings
Lot 10No 5The Old Post Office
Lot 11No 7Barberry Cottage17th C
Lot 12Hillside
Lot 13No 9Blarney Hollow17th C
Lot 13No 10 & 11Church End Cottage16th C; extended, floored and heated 17th C; extended 19th C
Lot 14No 12Church Farm & Field CottageLate 16th & 17th C
Lot 15No 13Rose Cottage18th C
Lot 15No 14Spring Cottage18th C
Lot 16No 15Yew Tree Cottage17th C; extended 20th C

Church Farm Lane (Treacle Lane)

Lot 17No 1Treacle Cottage17th C; extended 19th & 20th C
Lot 17No 2Honey Pot Cottage17th C
Lot 17No 3Risden Cottage17th C
Lot 17No 4Flint Cottage18th C; originally two dwellings

Southern Green

Lot 19No 1Parknasilla17th C
Lot 20No 2Youngloves Cottage
Lot 21No 3Moonshine17th C; extended 18th C
Lot 21No 4Stile End17th C
Lot 21No 5 & 6Southern CottageEarly 17th C; extended 18th & 20th C
Lot 21No 7 & 8BachelorsLate 17th C

Young Love's Farm - Lot 20

Offley Green cottage.

Pony and trap, Offley Green. Frank Graves, Revd. John Walker's grandfather, who worked at Julians in the 1920s. The Walkers owned the bakery on Roe Green and delivered bread, groceries and meat to Rushden until 1980.

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